NEVER Pay Full-Price for Satellite!

If you are anything like me it irritates you to pay full price for anything and especially when someone else is paying less than you for the same thing! It is common for companies to offer great incentives and rates to get you interested in their company and services and get you locked into a contract. For the first 6 months to a year you are typically happy, paying the low rates, then when your promotional period is up you hardly notice the increase in your bill. Or maybe you do, like me. Most people just accept that is the way things work and pay full rates for the duration of the service they’ve chosen. The truth of the matter is, you should never HAVE to pay full price. Often people choose to pay full-price because they don’t want to take the time to sit on hold with customer service and try to negotiate something better. Here are some tips on how to never pay full-price for satellite again.

1. Shop around!
If you are just entering into a brand-new contract with a new carrier don’t just take what is offered on the website. This will usually include a promotional rate, free movie channels, and sometimes sports channels. If you are calling anyway, ask then representative what else they have to offer. Sometimes they can give you more movie channels, free HD, or other bill credits.

2. Negotiate!
Do your homework and use other companies’ rates as leverage to negotiate. EVEN if you are in an area that the service coverage doesn’t cover where you live. The rep doesn’t know that! 😉 All they can do it say no. It that doesn’t hurt anyone.

3. Call Often!
Call your company often. I usually call every 3-6 months and end up saving $20 minimum, but usually up to $40 EVERY month. When you call don’t just talk to a regular customer service representative, talk to the retention department. That means when you call the customer service line you state, “cancel my service.” The automated response will say, “you want to cancel your service is that correct?” You respond yes, and typically that will get you to a customer retention area and they have more goods to offer you than a standard customer service representative. Now here you will probably need to bluff a little, but remember, YOU have the power. Just state that you noticed you bill is $xx.xx per month and you’re not happy paying that. Do your homework and quote other companies rates/offers and can DirecTv or whatever company you’re negotiating with do better? I will often use, “I know that this (rate quote) is their promotional rate, but even AFTER the promotion runs out it is still cheaper for me to go with this other company!”

TIPS on Negotiating:
1. Do your homework on other companies. Write them down so you can reference them throughout the call.
2. Only talk to who you want. Customer service departments are usually large so if you get a rep that doesn’t see things the way you want them, “drop the call.” In other words, pretend as if your phone ‘dropped the call’ hang up, and call back until you get someone you can work well with. I have found that men are easier to negotiate with.
3. Bluff! Tell them you’re not happy with the rate you’re paying and considering cancelling. The truth is you just want a better rate! Some may call your bluff and if they do, ‘drop the call’ or mention you need to talk to your spouse to see what direction you are going to decide before final plans are made.
4. Call early in the week when reps are fresh. They get tired at the end of their shift too!
5. Always ask if there’s anything more they can offer. Even if you’re ecstatic about the deal they’re offering.
6. Ask if accepting the savings they’re offering extends your contract. Sometimes it does and I don’t like to go with those deals.
7. Pray before you call! God cares about the things that matter to you. Even if its saving $15 off your TV bill.

That is one way I get our monthly cost down. I have done this successfully with DirecTV, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T Internet. If you have trouble paying your utility rates they often offer low-income programs or you can choose a level pay plan that averages your yearly usage makes your monthly payment around the same.

Were you successful negotiating your bill? How much did you save?


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