Organization is the Key To Serenity (For Me!!)

I realize not everyone is like me, but I love neat, tidy spaces. That doesn’t always mean clean, but picked up helps me keep my mindset peaceful. Since oftentimes the mom ‘sets the tone’ or the climate of the home I try to set myself up for a win and stay on top of my housework. That doesn’t mean my house is squeaky clean ALL the time or that I am completely OCD about everything because again, most of the time, our mood or attitudes set the atmosphere of our homes. Or our relationships. And for me, if my home is chaos my attitude will follow. So if you are yelling a ‘SERENITY NOW!!’ mantra through your head throughout your day this may be a help for you.

Since I am still new at this stay-at-home Momma gig I am slowly learning things that would have done me well to learn a long time ago. So as I cross that 30 year mark this year (gasp!), I guess it’s time to but my big girl undies on and to learn how to be an adult. So to help me keep the peace in my home I use a cleaning schedule. I have chosen a ‘week at a time’ type list. I focus on one room a day and by doing so I know what I am expected to accomplish on the maid side of things and then things aren’t piling up and becoming a ‘there’s no way I can do this.’ Also, if I have plans to be out of town, or grocery shop, then I know what I need to accomplish ahead of time or after-the-fact. Or maybe I get a little crazy and decide I am going to take a day off of housework! Then I can plan. Because for my personality, planning helps me wrap my mind around things and again, puts everything in a neat, tidy box. Like a waffle. With syrup. Mmm.

Since I like pretty things I literally have a cleaning schedule. Printed out. And taped to my fridge. Well, I did until I got the hang of things how I like them and then I took it down. But I want to share some with you! I got on Pinterest and took the time to find some of my favorites and want to share them with you! Again, these are not my own creations but I will link you to their creators.

Weekly Cleaning ScheduleBlue & Red Pennets from Emily over at Bonfires and Wine:

myweeklycleaningroutineBlue Checklist & Editable from Karrie at Happy Money Saver:

Cleaning Schedule_FINAL_ClassyClutterSimple Blue from Mallory over at Classy Cutter:

These ladies have some great printables and I’m glad they put them out there for us to find! I find I’m less stressed when I have a tidy home and one of the perks is for the most part, if an unannounced guest shows up I am less or not embarrassed at all about the state of my home.

Do you have a personal cleaning checklist that is tried and true?


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